Youth Groups

The Oratory has been welcoming youths since its opening in 1910. As time went by, youths came and left, yet their formation was always a priority for the religious community at the Oratory. Today there are four groups of youths who meet up regularly every Friday between 6pm and 9pm, for a meeting which lasts around an hour and a half. These groups are of different ages, ranging from twelve year olds to twenty-three year olds, and are all lead by two or more leaders, formed in the area of youth ministry. Besides their meeting every Friday, the youths have regular social meetings outside the Oratory and also have one or two live-ins each year. These are essential for them to get to know each other better and interact socially. There are also instances where two or more groups meet up together for social event, including BBQs, an eat-out or even fun games, usually following the celebration of the Eucharist together.

A groups of these youths have recently also travelled to the village of Taize’ in France where they benefitted from a week of prayer and reflection with thousands of youths from different countries, exchanged experiences, and at the same time enjoyed making new friendships. The Oratory also provides a space for youths where they can grow spiritually with the other communities preparing them and giving them the spiritual tools to forward their knowledge to other youths, especially those who have not yet discovered their spiritual identity.  All youths are forever grateful to all the religious communities of the MSSP who have always given importance to their formation.

Article written by Krista Vella, member of the True Calling community

Here’s also a short video clip which gives you a better idea of the individual youth groups participating in the pastoral life of the Oratory. Editing of this clip was done by Yanika Borg, member of the G.L.O.W. community.