Recent Works at the Oratory

Latest refurbishment at the Oratory MSSP

Blessed and encouraged by the Missionary Society of St.  Paul s vision to transform   the oratory in B’Kara  into a liturgical and catechetical centre, the MSSP community in B’kara  has adopted this vision fully and eagerly continued to carry out this mission both in the spiritual and environmental sphere.

This time the attention was turned to the sacristy, the empty space behind the church and some other store rooms which lately hadn’t been of much use. When the potential within this whole space was envisaged, ideas and plans were laid down on black and white and within a few months, this whole area was  developed  into a very well ordered  sacristy, where all who will work there will appreciate the prayerful atmosphere which inundates it; a very original confessionary, simple, yet one which welcomes the penitent into a warm and friendly atmosphere, radiating a sense of peace upon entering, enabling one to truly experience the sacrament of reconciliation. The sacristy leads to a sizable open air cloister, centre of which is one solitary olive tree, which seems to transmit a sense of the sacred, of focus and unity. The aim of this cloister is for fellowship after Eucharist as Eucharist needs communion. Through the cloister you may then go up to the new prayer room, as you enter through a short dark blue corridor into the brightly lit almost bare chapel except for a magnificent tabernacle, filling the chapel with His Holy Presence, symbolizing also, even though perhaps momentarily, the experience of  an internal journey  – a  journey  from darkness into light. This chapel offers the space to anyone looking for some time of solitude, some time away from the humdrum of our busy daily routine and in search of some time for reflection.

This refurbishment was not a simple task and for a few months the Oratory could be likened to a hive where busy, hardworking and enthusiastic professional workers together with many volunteers swarmed like bees to spend their time and energy to finalize and complete all the works for the opening on the 9th June – the Feast of Our Lady, the feast which is celebrated at the Oratory.

Last but not least, there is also a new facade which greets you as soon as you reach the entrance of the Oratory. The Oratory’s new logo Our Lady embracing the Scroll- the Word, while at the same time resting her head tenderly and lovingly on the Scroll, bids you welcome as She ponders in silence the words in her heart… “…conservabat omnia verba in corde suo…”   From the Scroll – the Word,  gushes forth springs of living water – symbolised in the fountain just beneath our Lady.