Lay Community MSSP

The MSSP Lay Community was established during Christmas time of 2002. During that time, community used to meet in St. Venera.  At the time, the main objective of the Community was to provide support to the brothers in formation while focusing on the Word of God and the Liturgy.

The Community meets twice a week for Liturgy on Saturday and for a prayer meeting on Monday.  Over the years, the Community has evolved in introducing Lectio Divina whereby community members share deeply on the Word of God and the meaning it has in their lives.  Other activities include lent spiritual exercises and Friday early morning prayers during Advent and Lent.

The Community, which is made up of lay from different backgrounds, age and status, is structured in such a way that it allows for intimate moments for its members as well as for opportunities of outreaches through the liturgy, morning prayers, Easter week and monthly catechesis.

The Community is marked by two important events in the year. It celebrates with enthusiasm and zeal Easter Week whereby the liturgy is thoroughly followed until the Easter vigil celebrating the resurruction of Christ into the early hours of Sunday.

In summer, the Community spends a weekend together focusing on a number of issues which range from the spiritual intake, manual work, evaluation of the past year and planning for the next. The week is enhanced by time spent with each other.  In cooking together, doing manual works and having time for fellowship, we get to know each other better on a deeper level.  It is usually during this time, that new members join the Community.

In October 2010, Fr. Martin Cilia was appointed Director of the Oratory at Birkirkara and consequently the mssp Lay Community moved its base to these new premises.  At the Oratory, the Community still maintains its identity but has integrated well with the existing structure and other communities. Several members are involved in a number of activities including the Children’s ministry, Religious doctrine lessons, Saturday’s liturgy, the music ministry, manual works and other jobs as the need arises.

The ultimate objective of the Community is to reach out to others and share about the experience of having a relationship with God in life.  We look forward for more years together!

The following is a presentation, produced by Stefan Borg, a member of the Lay Community, which shows the most important aspects in the life of the community, taking also a historical perspective in time of all that the community has gone through so far.