Monthly Courses 2012/13

Archive of all courses offered at the Oratory

The Book of the Apocalypse

The Last Book in Scripture

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Self-Awareness Leading to a Deeper Spiritual Life

For the month of January we are offering a new course entitled ‘Self-Awareness Leading to a Deeper Spiritual Life’. It is our deep conviction that human and spiritual growth are not two separate paths but are one and the same journey which can lead us to become more integrated persons who can be at peace […]

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Family Dynamics Leading to Self-Awareness

‘Self-awareness is greater a miracle than the resurrection of the dead’ Saying from Desert Fathers It is in the light of such a strong but true statement that we are proposing yet another formative course in the light of such an important aspect of our growth as human beings, which is growth in self-awareness. Although […]

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Course on the Letter to the Romans

As the Church dedicates the new pastoral year to Faith in particular, we decided to open the monthly courses by focusing on Paul’s Letter to the Romans. The particular significance of this letter, considered to contain Paul’s most refined theological reflection, is that it served as one of the principles of formulation of Christian faith, […]

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