Liturgy of Easter

Beautiful Prayers from the Tradition of the Church

Holy Week

Snapshots from Maundy Thursday and Good Friday

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  In preparation for the Easter Liturgy – the Highest Liturgy of the whole liturgical year, a catechesis on the symbols used will be held on Friday 7th April at 7pm. ¬†Understanding the symbols used ¬†during Holy Week and Easter Vigil is key to understanding the whole Mystery of Easter. All are welcome.

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‘The Lord’s Descent into the depths of the Earth’

The first in the series of Liturgical Prayers which we are posting is an excerpt from a very old homily, whose author is unknown, which is read on Holy Saturday morning, the day of silence where the Church watches, prays and faithfully awaits for the Resurrection of the Lord, the gift of new life which […]

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